Software R&D Excellence

From ambition to reality

We help businesses to get their R&D teams running in the best possible way, and get products to market faster. We also know that when it comes to embedded software, agile isn’t the answer to everything. We’re experts in a blended approach and will make sure that what’s running is right for you.

What we do

Here’s how we help organizations become high-performing R&D businesses

Software Mindset

We co-create your high-performance software culture. Transforming hardware-oriented organizations entering the software age.

Agile organization setup, DevOps culture, Customer-centricity, Collaboration driven

Toolchain Enablement

We build your future toolchain focusing on integration and a maximum degree of automation.

Toolchain as a service, IT landscape design, Interface development, Integration automation

Engineering Excellence

We accelerate your software development from planning over coding down to integration and testing.

Process design, Architecture principles, Coding guidelines, Regulatory compliance

Our beliefs

Customer first

We build everything customer in, not business out

Lean team, best talent

Empowering your experts to deliver their best

E2E product teams

Holistic product teams boost efficiency from day one

VC style budgeting

Outcome focused feature tracking and financing

Integration as a key enabler

Build, release and test set the drum beat for innovation

Simplicity & focus

Lean toolchain landscape for global best fit

Radical automation

Process design and tool integration follow the 100% automation ambition

Unified & stable platform

Enable application innovation via constant platform evolution

Cost: 50% reduction

Overall platform development cost reduction driven by two-speed delivery and efficient operating model

Time: Twice as fast

Feature time to market acceleration through agile teams, automation and integration focus

Quality: 50% error rate reduction

Software quality and maturity tracking through high-frequency integration and validation

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